During your last IEP meeting, did the team have everything it needed?  Did you go home after the meeting shell shocked and disappointed? 


IEP and 504 meetings do not have to leave you exhausted, confused and wary. To successfully negotiate the appropriate services for your child you need evaluative data to make your case. That data is most likely already in your child's file. Don't go into another IEP meeting unprepared. Contact the Special Organizer today.

With the Special Organizer's help, your organized paperwork, comparison grids and individually designed advocacy plan will empower you to persuasively and effectively advocate for your child's needs to your educational team.  We can also provide consultation time to make sure you fully understand what the district is proposing and how to make your own proposals to the team.

Often times even doing simple organization tasks involving your child can be emotionally overwhelming. The Special Organizer is here to get you started by setting up a repeatable structure for future use and delivering to you the charts, graphs and grids which are the evidence you need to prove your child requires more or something different. 

Were you frustrated during your last IEP team meeting? Did you have an advocacy plan?

If not. We can help.



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