Preparing your child's file 

To successfully negotiate the appropriate services for your child you need evaluative data to make your case. That data is most likely already in your child's file. Having an organized file can make a significant difference in our effectiveness in your next IEP meeting.  
Step 1: Request a copy of your child's records 
Step 2: Analyze Records
  • Case Analysis and Advocacy Plan

  • Goal/Benchmark comparison grids with goals tied to curriculum standards

  • Proposed/Current IEP grids that identify changes and inconsistencies

  • Progress report data analyzed for rate of progress

  • Evaluation recommendations correlated to IEP goals and services

  • Evaluation test results charted, plotted in bell curve for easy understanding

  • Visual representations of your child's progress and area's of need

  • All required IEP components reconciled and missing records identified

  • Easy to reference guide and searchable digital records


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